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CVS Pharmacy Comments

megingram123 says: (3 years ago)
I went to store #9505, off Los Coyotes Diagonal in Long beach. Always such a pleasure to go to this store, as soon as I walk in they greet me, then another sales associate was stalking the shelves but asked if I needed help right away. They are always so friendly at this store, makes a big difference.

amiechi says: (4 years ago)
Awful CVS Pharmacy at 24 West Grand Street, Mt. Vernon, NY. 10552

The pharmacist when asked how much longer the wait, his reply was "Unlimited time!" See details on Facebook.

I have decided to change to a different pharmacy.

lily20141981 says: (4 years ago)
Newtown CVS is horrible. NO customer service. The manger Mike shouldn't be a manger. He clearly isn't interested in helping his customers. The pharmacy is rude and most of them do not know how to do their jobs. Lauren in the pharmacy is extremely rude, unprofessional and has no people skills. Clearly you should hire better staff especially if you want to maintain customers!

ajarnbangkapi says: (4 years ago)
One bad apple spoils the pot - I went in to pick up a prescription that was ready, and was second in line. Instead of business, the girl at the counter was having a chat with the lady in front of me (the second employee in the pharmacy was on the phone the entire time). When they finished their chat, the employee left the counter vacant as I came to the front of the queue and went to the elevated area to do something in her computer, continuing her chat with the customer?/friend! in front of me. When she finally returned to the window, she asked me to step aside because the other lady had been first. It would have taken 2 minutes (if she walked slow) to get my prescription, but she wasn't interested. Totally ignored for close to 10 minute all in. CVS Suwanee, Ga. Note the guy in the store front seemed much nicer/efficient, just the pharmacy.

jamesc says: (4 years ago)
Store 1913 CVS sucks

Anna the photo tech has a bad attitude and is very unprofessional

ceachei says: (4 years ago)
We move to Tampa, FL. In March 2013 from New Jersey, since I have been taking permanent meds for years now, soon after moving into Tampa I was in need to refill my meds, so we found ourselves looking for a reliable pharmacy, the nearest one happen to be the one at 8809 New Tampa Blvd. Tampa, FL.
There we were taken care of by the pharmacist herself a very nice young girl named Samira Behi she made sure that I got everything I needed even going out of her way to please us, me and my wife, we were greatly pleased by her excellent manners and customer service skills.
It's refreshing to see employees like Samira, so professional and responsible. I congratulate CVS for hiring such great personnel like her.

90990 says: (4 years ago)
I would NEVER advice this job to anyone. The techs get treated like crap and the pharmacist is so rude. Better yet they never paid me 150$ from a pay check of mine. the front store manager is just as rude!!!!! CVS needs a reality check

Jlea51515 says: (5 years ago)
I have used the CVS in Eagan MN on Johnny Cake Ridge rode for the last 7 months (when I moved to the area I transferred my scripts). I have a rare genetic disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I take a handful of medication so when I transferred to this store I immediately introduced myself to the pharmacist (Joe) and told him we would be getting to know each other better as I have all these medications. He was very nice, extremely good at his job and genuinely cared about the well being for his customers. And this is probably the reason he got a promotion and had to move up within CVS. Now comes all the hell I have dealt with, with a new pharmacist that has treated me with such little respect, refuses to give my medication to my boyfriend or like I'm a drug addict. It started when my bf had to pick up my medication for me as I was too Ill to go out myself. After 6 months of working with joe, the nice pharmacist and him never giving me issues with my bf picking them up before I was very surprised to get a call from my bf telling me they would not allow him to pick up my medication. He told me it was a new lady Asian pharmacist who was giving him the issues. So I went down to clear up the mess to ensure this didn't happen again. She told me he needed to approved by me and put on a list to pick up my meds for me. So I agreed as I do have narcotics I could understand this new lady denying him my meds. This is where I thought my issues would stop. Nope, after she and others who worked there allowed him to pick up meds she then randomly refused him one day. Yes, even after he was put on my list of people allowed to pick them up. She said it was bc his license was expired. Wow, so if my licenses is expired would they deny me to pick up my medication too? Doesn't seem right. So I again went in to get my meds and talk to a manager about this. I spoke to the manager at cvs and at this point the good pharmacist (joe) was still working but was transitioning to a the new job. We talked and he said even tho it was wrong of her to give him my perscriptions, then all of a sudden deny him when the other times he had used the same license to pick up my medication. He agreed it was not right to allow him to pick them up, the. All of a sudden deny him my meds. Things were ok for 2-3 more weeks then he left the store. And now I am left to deal with a women who seems to want to cause me more stress, more anxiety, and make my life even harder then it already is as she again denied him to pick up my meds again this last Friday. So I again went in when I feel like crap and have a tore meniscus and will be having surgery soon. My bf stated this to her and she said she didn't care, that I had to pick them up. Then when I did she came up to the person who was checking me out, I assumed she was coming to tell me about a brand new medication I had just been put on, but no she just had to tell me about a prescription for pain medication that my doctor upped due to my torn meniscus, and she would not allow me to have the script filled. Even tho my doctor added this, even tho it didn't have a "only fill on xx/xx/xxxx day" which my pain management doctor does when she gives me medication that she would want me to wait to fill, and my insurance would fill it on 11/30 but she will not allow me to have them till 12/5. This lady obviously has control issues. Or she has it out to make my life even harder. I have spoken with my insurance and will be transfering the umteen perscriptions to a place who respects me, who will counsel me on new medication I have, who will treat me as they would like to be treated. I have never had such poor service, and I have dealt with some horrible pharmacies.

Apolo says: (5 years ago)
I had an experience at cvs valley dale store in Birmingham AL. I needed flue shot for my mom. My mom has Medicare. We had to wait for 45 min and then the pharmacist said that since mom does not have part D she would have to buy the flue shot for 31 dollars. When I insisted that she should not have to pay he said that he would check again and call me. To this hour I have not heard from the store. I went to walgreens and got the vaccin in 15 min and her insurance covered it. I would not recommend anyone to go to cvs valley dale. The employee are rude aweful and deceitful. Plain old thugs I would say. All the negative comments listed on the review are true. Even walmart pharmacies do a much better job than cvs. All law suits against cvs are probably well justified.

jrjake49 says: (5 years ago)
The current prices at CVS are more than inflated. It seems now more of a gouging practice there. I went to refill my mother's medication for dementia, which she has been buying at CVS all along. Prices were high, but this time I nearly fell over when the cashier rang up $536 for a generic drug. My mother's doctor didn't believe me, and called down there himself, only to find out exactly what I had told him. I took the prescription to another pharmacy, and again almost fell over when they quoted the price to me. $23.00!!! I am more convinced than ever that CVS needs someone to check out their gouging skills. This is wrong to take such horrible advantage of the elderly. I would think this should be illegal.

mk2martin says: (5 years ago)
I have used CVS pharmacy at 1805 Calumet Ave, in Valparaiso, IN for 3 yrs. My husband is the military otherwise i would go back to Walgreens. Anyways, I have never in my 34 yrs felt so humiliated, embarrassed, etc., the list goes on. How and why she thinks its exceptable to treat people the way she does/did is beyond me. I have a degree, in law and I don't ever think for a second I am any better than clients.

Mn12 says: (5 years ago)
Cvs employees from clerk or cashiers to Pharmacist are rude to customers and very unprofessional ,their customer service is terrible ,this CVS location is in Gellert Blvd.Daly City,they need to be given inservice and be educated on how important good customer service to a business.

bobjuice says: (6 years ago)
This comment is for the professional staff at the CVS located at 1280 Deer Park Avenue in No. Babylon. I have found the entire staff to be the most helpful, knowledgeable & friendly staff I've encountered in previous pharmacies I've dealt with.My thanks for all their collective help with all my prescription needs. Robert Halpin

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